TONI DALLI & Associates Marbella

"We find and renovate unique villas and apartments"

Welcome to Marbella...

Welcome to our home.

I have been an international entertainer for much of my life and have been very fortunate to have travelled, experienced and lived in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. However, nothing I have encountered compares to Marbella and that is why I decided to make it my home.


Toni Dalli

What we do:

We guarantee utmost professionalism and access to the best real estate agents in southern Spain. Their experience and in-depth knowledge of property in Marbella provides convenience and peace of mind, allowing you to find your dream home on the Costa del Sol.

Who We Are:

The brand name Toni Dalli is a well-established and documented name synonymous with the successful promotion of the Marbella lifestyle since 1978. It has been traditionally used as a point of reference for clients and friends looking for investments or wanting to relocate to Marbella.

Clients And Tradition:

By keeping operations under our own personal direction, we strive to maintain our tradition of providing a high standard of service with discretion which has served our friends and clients for over a generation. Our clients come from a wide array of high-profile backgrounds including sports, show business and commerce. We consistently provide high customer satisfaction by aiming to achieve the best results for our clients. Our strict policy of confidentiality in any business transaction is something we take pride in and gives us a competitive advantage in the market.

It would be my pleasure to personally assist you in your enquiries.

Marco Dalli